(Call-09330160431)Chit fund is a form of rotating credit and savings institution system practiced in our country. This course of action may be organized by financial associations or informally between relatives, friends or neighbors.Chit fund software(ph-09330160431) is web based solution for chit fund associations. This online chit fund software gives online access to its members with robust security. Various loan details, what amount to be paid, payment information, each and every customer details can be seen by the members. The solution comprises of entire significant facilities and features that needs to streamline a chit fund actions. It is very straightforward, understandable and uncomplicated. With a little computer awareness, a person can be expert in online chit fund management software in india also bengaluru,karnataka,hyderabad,kerala- in a very short time. Feel free and call us 09330160431 or Email- .

chit fund software


Online access to member/subscriber: ... Branch Management. ... Subscriber Management: Agent / Introducer management system. Collection machine integration. Group Management. Subscription payment Management: ... Email, SMS integration with system etc. TO see online demo please feel free and call us. Our support team 24x7 online who gives you demo or support instant. Chit fund software decreases time of report generation and escalate accuracy and quality of the information. User can generate agent wise business, subscriber wise ledger, defaulters list, information of guarantors, profit and loss statement, balance sheet etc. These lead to complete utilization of manpower, accuracy, quality in information and image between the subscribers.

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Chit fund software free download and chit fund demo options are there by Web infotech solutions for better selection by the probable clients who want to begin chit fund business. Our designers have designed and developed to systemize chit fund works which is being established by the individual who conducts that chit fund company.


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